Acts 2 tells us that there once was a community of believers that offered unbelievers a vision of life so beautiful it took their breath away.

It was so bold, so creative, and so dynamic that they could not resist it. Living Stones Community Church desires to become a community of believers so totally devoted to God that our lives together are charged with the Spirit’s power.

As Christ-followers, we will love each other with a radical kind of love. We will take off our masks and share our lives with one another. We will laugh and cry, pray and sing, and serve together in authentic Christian fellowship. We will share freely with those who have less until all barriers melt away. We will relate together in ways that bridge gender and race, celebrating our differences as gifts from God to form one body.

And, as in the days of Acts 2:47 … The Lord will add to our number daily those who are being saved. This is our heartbeat and our passion, and what we believe God desires for Living Stones Community Church. By the grace of God, we will spend our lives pursuing this vision.

– Pastor Dan