You might be wondering, what’s it really like at Living Stones. Simply stated, at Living Stones, we’re all about Jesus. You won’t be met with shame, guilt, or condemnation. And we don’t care how you’re dressed or what candidate you voted for. Our church is made up of imperfect people with every kind of story imaginable. Want to know the best part? No matter what you’ve been through or what questions you might have about God and faith, our church is a place where you’ll find the love, grace, and forgiveness Jesus gives to everyone.

Here’s some common questions you may be asking before you join us on a Sunday!

Come as you are.  While most people wear jeans (or shorts), others choose to dress a bit more formally.  Honestly, we want you to be you; so wear what’s comfortable. *Bottom Line: If your kids want to come dressed up like ninjas, that’s more than fine with us.

When you pull into the Parking Lot we have designated "Guest Parking" spots. These spots are just for you - so don't feel bad using them! Also, we have multiple Handicap Parking spots should you need to be accommodated in that way. 

Head towards the awning with double glass doors. You will be welcomed by our Greeting Team. They are incredible and will show you around so you don't have to worry about trying to find your own way.

We work hard to provide a safe, clean and fun environment where your children will be taught biblical truths, build friendships, and experience God on their level. We offer something for kids of all ages. 

Nursery Care (Infant-2 years) is provided during the 9 am Sunday School hour and 10:30 am Worship Service.

Sunday School provided (3 years- Pre-K) during the 9 am Sunday School hour and 10:30 am Worship Service.

Sunday School provided (Kindergarten-12th Grade) during the 9 am Sunday School hour.

We also offer Kids Church (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade) during our 10:30 am Worship Service.


We begin our service by singing a few songs that glorify Jesus. We encourage you to worship whatever way you feel most comfortable. Feel free to sit, stand, raise your hands, etc. It's a joy to be able to worship alongside you.


There will be a time where we pray over our offering and for the needs present in our church. If you need prayer, there will be a Prayer Request card in the seat in front of you that you can fill out. We would love to pray for you!


This is our chance to give back to God. You're certainly not obligated to give during this time. We believe that giving is a form of worship and that God will bless our generosity.


Our Pastoral Staff will preach a faith filled message from God's Word. Our passion is to see people fulfilling God's plan and purpose for their lives. We pray that you leave with a next step in applying Godly principles to your life. 

What’s more, we’d love to talk with you. Simply fill out the short form below and we’ll get back with you.

NOTE: We value your privacy and would never spam you.